Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sparkle Writing Words (A- E) List # 1

Here is a great list of "Sparkle" words -great words for writing. I give this list to my 3rd grade child when she is writing in her journal or doing a writing assignment. This gives her some great ideas and makes it easier to keep on writing. I found these ideas on

affirm- to agree with
altercation- an angry argument
anecdote- a short, entertaining story
balk- to refuse to go ahead
bedlam-a noisy, confusing environment
behemoth- huge
benevolent- kind, generous
brilliant- quite intelligent
captivate- to gain everyone's attention
cataclysmic- the absolute worst
catastrophe- a sudden and total disaster
complacent- willing to please
culpable- deserving blame
dilemma- in a troublesome situation
discombobulated- confused, mixed up
doubt- to think something might not be true
embellish- decorate by adding detail
empathy- the ability to share another person's feelings
enhance- to improve, to decorate, to embellish
enthrall- to captivate, to fascinate
epitome- a person or thing that shows typical qualities
eradicate- wipe out, destroy
exacerbate- make worse
exuberant- over-the-top happy

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