Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hands-on learning for beginning sounds are found inside “My ABC Box!” Children can practice... letter identification of both uppercase and lowercase letters... sound identification... and matching letters to their correct corresponding realistic item.

All 26 items are sized for small hands and chosen based on ease of identification.This activity is Montessori inspired. My children helped me make this ABC box, it’s a wonderful tactile way of understanding how letters and sounds work.

Recommended for preschool and kindergarten children. My older daughters' enjoyed helping their brother with this activity!

Faux Fossils

We were talking about fossils for the lesson of the day and decided to make our own fossils using some moist clay that hardens in the air (about 3 days to dry completely). Here is a good link to buy this clay that will last a very long time for many projects - Modeling Clay.

We used some plastic toy insects and beach shells that we had from previous vacations. Just press the object down into a flattened piece of clay and slowly lift it to reveal a "fossil".