Sunday, December 13, 2009


I just used some cardstock (you can laminate if you 'd like) and made a little puzzle to help with the concept of fractional parts.

Rounding to nearest Hundred

To help my child learn the concept of rounding to the nearest hundred I used two sentence paper strips to make a number line from 100-900. I cut out 2 x 2" squares of card stock and wrote on some random numbers. We made a little game out of finding which 2 hundreds the given numbers were in between, laying the given number on the number line. Then I marked off the "middles"...150, 250, 350 in red...explaining that if the tens place of the given number is 5 or above then you round up to the next hundred. For example 252 would be rounded up to 300 since the tens place is a 5 or above. I presented this to my daughter by placing the numbers under the correct answer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Homemade Montessori Counting Beads

Instead of using the very expensive traditional Montessori gold beads/rods, I decided to make my own beads using natural wooden beads on natural hemp string. I have only gotten as far as beads for 1-10 as seen in the photo. You can find supplies at your local craft store. I tried to tie the knots as close as I could to the beads on each end just so that when you line them up that it is a very clear pattern that the next number is one bead larger, etc. This time I lined them up to look like a Christmas tree for the holiday season.