Friday, September 18, 2009

Homeschool Ideas-Toddler Sandpaper Alphabet

For ages 3 +: You can make your own sandpaper alphabet (concept from Maria Montessori) by using sticky felt letters and placing them on a pre-stretched canvas (decoration for child's bedroom as well) or a display board. You can use your own custom colors (acrylic, non-toxic paint). There are many creative ideas on how to display the alphabet...possibly using the grid pattern as I did or place each letter in a painted bubble floating on the canvas but making sure the alphabet stays in order.
During "teaching" time, have your child trace the letter in the direction of how the letter is written, saying the sound (before the name of the letter) 3 times out loud. I would stick to only doing a maximum of 3 letters each lesson. The child will visualize the letter, hear the sound and feel the shape! A great sensorial and language activity.

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