Sunday, September 20, 2009

Homeschool Centers

I have realized how difficult it is to teach a 3rd grader and keeping a toddler happy and involved in learning as well. I began making centers around the house, changing them every day to make it a new adventure especially for my 3 year old boy. Please post comments any other ideas on more centers! I will run out of ideas soon! Here are some of my center ideas:

Reading Center (use a pop-up tent or bean bag chair)
Building Blocks
Wedgits building blocks
Wooden puzzles
Dinosaurs (a basket of play dinosaurs and a dinosaur book)
Cutting wooden food (Melissa and Doug)
Sandpaper letters
Car center (with play rug)
Legos or Lincoln Logs
Puppet center (have some cardboard or boxes to create a puppet show theater)
Craft center (glue, paper, scissors, etc)
Tool center (plastic or real tools such as large bolts and nuts) Great for their fine motor skills.
Lacing (age 3 +) -you can use large beads or rigatoni uncooked pasta
Nature center (rocks, leaves, magnifyling glass)
Herbs (smelling and matching fresh or dried herbs)
Hop scotch (indoor mat set)
Musical Instrument Center
Cutting Center (Kumon cutting activity book with safety scissors)
Measuring cups/spoons with dry beans or pasta (scooping exercises)
Big cardboard boxes for building
Exercise mat with music
Electronic educational game center ( I limit this activity)
Drawing/coloring center (provide nice crayons, colored pencils, markers)
Mr. Potato Head
Pet doctor center
Large vehicle center (vs. matchbox cars)

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