Thursday, October 22, 2009

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100 Best Blogs for Homeschooling Moms Online The Best Online Education Programs

Watercolor Art Activity -Alphabet

Materials: Scotch tape, watercolor paints, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, water
Tape out the letter you want to create on the watercolor paper. Have the kids paint around the taped out letter. After the paint has dried you may remove the tape. You can use the child's initials too!

How to Make a Lapbook |

This is a wonderful idea to try out! Making a lapbook with your child. Your child will retain the information much easier than just reading a book.

How to Make a Lapbook

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Counting 1-5 (Age 3)

I presented this using a placemat and wrote 1-5 on cutout cardstock. You can use any type of counting objects. I used unifex cubes. This place mat was great since it has a square pattern on it to keep the cubes in a "box". I let my son count out the cubes himself and line them up under the appropriate box. You can use this activity to help discuss odd/even numbers as well.

Pushpin Activity Board

Make your own work foam board for you pushpin activities! Just use a thick foam piece of board and stick a few colorful pushpins on the top for easy access.

Montessori-Push Pin Activity

I love this Montessori activity. When I taught at a Montessori school in Naples, Italy we used this activity every morning in the 4 year old preschool class. The kids knew when they arrived that they would go pick out a push pin and a square of carpet or foam along with the daily shape. This is great for those fine motor skills and to help with concentration.

After a child uses a push pin to punch holes in the outline of a shape such as shapes of continents, letters, numbers, circles and so on...then he/she removes the surrounding paper to reveal the completed shape! The completed shape can be used for a craft or building a map as seen below!