Monday, March 28, 2011


Here is a great link to have a botany scavenger hunt, keeping in the theme of discovering botany and investigating nature! Spring is an awesome opportunity to introduce this.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dissecting a Flower

Dissection of an Iris

This is a wonderful activity for spring! Walking into the local grocery store I became overwhelmed with the beauty of the colors in the floral department. I decided I could not pass by this colorful display without purchasing a bundle of flowers. I realized I could enjoy these blooms and also create a lesson in botany for my kids. I found some wonderful worksheets on Enchanted Learning. I printed a flower anatomy chart and a label the flower worksheet for my 9 year old to use as reference.

She carefully pulled apart the flower with tweezers or her fingers and placed them onto a prelabeled paper provided for her, using the flower part diagram as reference.

The only tools I provided her with were some tweezers, tape, scissors and magniflying glass. She neatly taped the flower parts onto a large white piece of paper. The completed project looks like a piece of art!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wright's Stained Glass Art Activity

Stained Glass Art Activity
Materials: Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets (or contact paper), variety colors of tissue paper, scissors, black permanent marker

Cut out tissue paper into geometric shapes. Then cut one sheet of self adhesive laminating sheets in half (before removing backing) then I removed one backing on one half and laid out the different shapes into a unique pattern on the sticky side. Then I removed the backing of the other sheet and attached it (careful not to create bubbles) to the other sheet, enclosing the shapes within the clear sheets. Lastly, outline the shapes with the black permanent marker. Your faux stained glass sheet is ready to hang on a window with some transparent tape!
This art activity is based on Frank Lloyd Wright's famous stained glass. See samples of his work down below.