Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Story of the World Timeline-Homeschooling History


Love this HISTORY curriculum!
The stories are a mix of fiction and non-fiction and my 12 year old daughter really enjoyed it. I think it is perfect for ages 10-13 or grades 5-8th.
She would use the corresponding activity worksheets after reading each chapter to reinforce what she read. The worksheets are sometimes just plain coloring papers and then there were map pages which are very useful and educational. The activity book gives you a list of activities to do to each map, for instance to circle a city, draw a river or shade in a area that is important. She then would glue or tape her finished sheets on a timeline. ( I used a roll of art paper) I would draw on some straight lines using a ruler for her to copy some statements about the chapter ( some great ideas in the activity book).  Also she'd use the internet to find some pictures to print as well. This made for a GREAT history lesson and she looked forward to it everyday.


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